Welcome to the Projections podcast - a dialogue about film and psychoanalysis, hosted by Sarah Kathryn Cleaver and Mary Wild. We focus on cinematic representations of the psyche -  the inner life state that is difficult to express relying on language alone, but uniquely captured on film. The disciplines of psychoanalysis and cinema have long been explored side by side, and were formally established in the same year: 1885, when the Lumière brothers held their first film screening in a Paris Hotel, whilst Sigmund Freud and Joseph Breuer published ‘Studies in Hysteria’ in Vienna. 

Our favourite auteurs are Haneke, von Trier, Campion, Lynch, Kubrick, Arnold, Preminger, Cavani, Coppola and Polanski. We're obsessed with a variety of genres such as melodrama, documentary, horror, noir, biopics, cult and science fiction. We want to analyse movies relating to identity, philosophy, gender, surrealism, fashion, power, dreams, desire and sexuality.

Film is a means to unlock the mysteries of the human mind... subscribe and follow our cinematic adventures into the unconscious...